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The Skeptics Handbook  NOTE: Click on this title takes you to their website: - This presentation of the core facts in the AGW debate is highly recommended. It cuts through the red herrings, the side issues, the ad hominem arguments, and goes straight to the heart of the Climate Change debate. The author, who is the wife of one the scientists prominently involved in the global warming debate, is obviously a great communicator. At last, here is a presentation that is so clear and understandable, that an ordinary non-scientist will be left in no doubt about the nature of the real evidence - or lack of it.

NEW The Vindication of Carbon Means the Vindication of Human Freedom - Robert D. Brinsmead
The evidence is piling up every day that the world is now getting cooler instead of warmer, the oceans are now cooling instead of warming, the ice is returning to the Arctic rather than receding... More

- Robert D. Brinsmead
We appear to have entered a new age of unreason…It is from this, above all, that we really need to save the planet. Nigel Lawson

The first in a new series of short articles on the irrationality of global warming alarmism.

THE AUSTRALIAN reports on media global warming bias and unthinking dogma.
Cold snap fails to cool protagonists of global warming ... Click here for original article.
Unthinking dogma
... Click here for original article

THE FUTILE QUEST FOR CLIMATE CONTROL – Professor Bob Carter. Published in the Quadrant journal, November 2008. This is an excellent overview of all the main issues in the Climate Change debate.

ILLUSIONS OF CLIMATE SCIENCE - William Kininmonth is the former head of Australia's National Climate Centre.  Published in the Quadrant journal, October 2008.

Bjørn Lomborg: The Cost of Kyoto-style Carbon Reductions Not Worth It                             Danish author of The Skeptical Environmentalist, Bjørn Lomborg, disappoints most AGW skeptics in that she does not dispute the IPCC’s projections about carbon dioxide causing future global warming. Yet he is able to demonstrate that even on the IPCC own estimates, the cost of implementing Kyoto-style CO2 reductions will cause far more pain and damage than adaption to climate change. He argues that it would be more morally responsible to spend the money wasted on mitigation where it will accomplish far more human good. Read more...

Bjørn Lomberg: Global Warming: Why cut one 3,000th of a degree?
Another article taken from the Times Online by Bjørn Lomberg.  Read more...

The Fallacy and Hypocrisy of the “Food Miles” Campaign
Should Europeans refrain from eating Kiwifruit on the grounds that its long haulage from New Zealand causes too much CO2 pollution? Should the importation of flowers, tomatoes or strawberries from Kenya be suspended for the same reason? Is environmental righteousness being exhibited when only local products are consumed in the name of saving “food miles”? Or is this “food miles” campaign only another poorly disquised form of protectionism? The real facts and figures about food transportation and CO2 emissions may surprise you. Read more.

Professor David Bellamy Speaks Out Against the Man-made Global Warming Fallacy and its Spirit of McCarthyism.  Read Daily Express article here.

THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE  Frontpage Interview of Martin Durkin, producer of The Great Global Warming Swindle.

THE POLITICS AND SCIENCE OF CLIMATE CHANGE – THE WRONG STUFF – 2008 Harold Clough Lecture by Aynsley Kellow, Professor and Head of the School of Government at the University of Tasmania. This lecture presents an excellent overview of how politics and Political Correctness about Climate Change have corrupted the time-honoured respect for skepticism and free debate in all areas of scientific enquiry. Click here for link to original article.

GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM IS UNACCEPTABLE AND SHOULD BE CONFRONTED  NOTE: Click on this title will take you to the Hawaii Reporter website to read this unforgettable speech: - Don’t miss reading this speech by Vaclav Klaus, the President of the Czech Republic, given in Portland, Oregon, September 30, 2008. Dr. Klaus has a doctorate in Economics and holds several honorary doctorates as well. He is the only head of state in the EU who speaks out against the AGW delusion, and especially on the grounds that it leads down the same path as Communism and loss of human freedoms. 

Devastating Critique of IPCC
- Britain's Telegraph newspaper article published 31 August, 2008.

PROFESSOR BOB CARTER Statement to Court (click defaults to HTML format)
Click here for original Word document.
Professor Bob Carter challenges IPCC and AGW dogma in recent New Zealand Environmental Court of Appeal.  Read newspaper article...
Otago Daily Times article link

Dark Green Barbarians
Excellent article published in the 20 August, 2008 of The Australian by Craig Emerson who is the Minister for Small Business in the Rudd Government. This is a summary of a presentation to Consilium, organised by the Centre for Independent Studies.

The Carbonphobia Virus
Excellent article authored by John Webster - June 14, 2007

On every hand we see measures advocated and even supported by some governments around the world to stop climate change.

Climate hysterics v heretics in an age of unreason
Excellent article by Arthur Herman published on 4 August, 2008 in The Australian. 
It has been a tough year for the high priests of global warming in the US. First, NASA had to correct its earlier claim that the hottest year on record in the contiguous US had been 1998… 

Dr. Roy Spencer’s testimony re: Climate Insensitivity to Rising Levels of CO2 to U.S. Senate Committee

In Praise of Carbon - Recommended reading, RDB
This paper by John Brignell on “In Praise of Carbon” is not only based on sound science and common sense but written with brilliant literary wit.  It will both educate and entertain the reader on the fascinating facts about carbon.  Highly recommended reading… RDB

Sixteenth Century Issues Revisited
”Nothing is so fervently believed as that which is not known.” - Montaigne

Apocalyptic has a 100% failure rate. Yet the question is raised whether climate change apocalyptic might be the one awful instance when apocalyptic proves to be right - like the boy who repeatedly cried “Wolf!”

The fathers of our liberal democracies were a cluster of remarkable thinkers who appeared at the end of the 18th and dawn of the l9th centuries. The greatest names in this giant leap forward for humanity....   More…

Carbophobia - An Irrational Fear Of Carbon
It is now being seriously proposed that carbon emissions should be controlled and reduced by putting everybody on carbon rations. This scheme was suggested for the United Kingdom under a Climate Change Bill.
Worldview 21
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The Skeptics Handbook
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