MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING THEORY DISPROVED – Dr. Roy Spencer’s testimony re: Climate Insensitivity to Rising Levels of CO2 to U.S. Senate Committee


July 22, 2008 may well go down in history as the watershed event when the man-made global warming theory was put to the sword. In a sensational testimony before the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, leading American climatologist, Dr. Roy Spencer, outlined new evidence proving climate’s “insensitivity” to rising levels of carbon dioxide. Dr. Spencer’s impeccable credentials and extensive peer review research work over many years are beyond dispute. His new evidence seems to indicate quite conclusively that global warming is driven by natural causes rather than by man-made CO2 greenhouse gases.


True to the scientific method of validation of a theory through replication, other scientists have independently verified Dr. Spencer’s findings: the climate’s insensitivity to carbon dioxide is due to the climate system’s ability to respond to the modest warming influence of CO2 with “negative (counter-balancing) feedbacks.” Until now, the climate modelers who use super computers (GCM’s) have worked on the assumption that water vapor and clouds would multiply the modest warming effects of CO2 through “positive feedbacks.”  Those assumptions have found to be incorrect. Dr. Spencer’s testimony is posted on < >


Whilst in a few place the technical scientific evidence may be beyond the general reader, the general thrust of the testimony is quite clear and easy to understand.


This testimony puts paid to the kind of global warming hysteria that seriously threatens the prosperity of the developed world with draconian restrictions, cutbacks and costs, and at the same time threatens to derail the war on poverty in the developing world.


What happened on July 22 is cause for great celebration. It is a vindication of the indispensible role of skepticism in all scientific progress. It is a victory for human freedom. An oppressive Carbon Trading system would have the potential to regulate every aspect of human existence by an intrusive and meddling bureaucracy. Good night, global warming doom and gloom.


Bob Brinsmead, 28 July, 2008

Duranbah, NSW 2487